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Recipe: Cayenne Chicken for Salads

When I started having salads almost every day, I realized quickly that to keep momentum going, the salads I fixed at home had to raise their game and match the taste and variety of the salads I could get at places like Chopt.  I started buying chicken from my local grocer's deli department and using that in salads, but that was not terribly economical.  Instead, I decided to make my own chicken for salads and began experimenting with different spice rubs and recipes.  I hit upon a recipe that not only did I like to eat, it turned out to be one of my girlfriend's favorite foods: one day when we were starting out on a road trip, I asked her if we should stop somewhere and get supplies for the journey, and all she wanted was to fill a bag with my latest batch of chicken and eat that on the road.

A day or two before roasting the chicken, marinate it in hot sauce.  I prefer to use Frank's Red Hot.  It is 0 calories and provides a simple combination of cayenne peppers, distille…

Managing Your Closet When Losing Weight

Recently a man who'd lost 65 pounds shared some of his tips with BuzzFeed Video.  I agree with and experienced many of them myself.  A key part of his story was when a friend tried to tell him to keep all of his old clothes so that he would have something to wear when he regained his weight.  Instead, he decided to get rid of them all.

And that's the right attitude.  No going back.  At least within reason.

I was fortunate to be a pack rat over the years.  When it came to clothes, I'd outgrow them, but I'd keep them around partly out of the hope I'd someday lose the weight needed to fit back into them and partly out of pure inertia.  As a result, I had boxes of clothes I hadn't even looked at in years.

When I started losing weight and shrinking down, it was time for me to unbox all those clothes and get organized.  When all was said and done, I had clothes from 20 years of adult life that stretched across six sizes of shirts and 11 sizes of pants. I know I'…